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 Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Specifications
  Title Page All of the MVM Specifications have been obtained directly from the manufacturers.
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  Table of Contents The data is very comprehensive and is organized into 24 sections.  
  Page 1 On page 1, each vehicle configuration is identified by its Mfg.'s Model Code.  The Model Code is listed on the manufacturers data placard located on the vehicle driver's door and/or door jam.  
  Page 2 On page 2, the standard/optional engine and transmission configurations are listed.
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  Page 3-7 On pages 3-7, detailed information regarding the construction of the engines is presented.  
  Page 8-10 Transmission and drive train data is located on pages 8-10.  This includes gear ratios, drive axle ratios, etc.  
  Page 11 On page 11, data on suspension components is listed.  This includes spring rates, shock absorber damping, etc.  
  Page 12-13 Brake, Tire and wheel info is located on pages 12-13.  This includes antilock brake configuration, traction control, tire size, etc.  
  Page 14 Turning diameters and steering gear ratios are listed on the Steering page 14.
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  Page 15-16 On pages 15-16, electrical system component information is listed.  
  Page 17 Do you reconstruct low speed collisions?  Bumper and frame construction info is presented on page 17.  
  Page 18 Restraint system/component information and headlamp data is located on page 18.  
  Page 19-21 Towing capability, climate control and convenience equipment data is located on pages 19-21.  
  Page 22-25 Vehicle interior and exterior dimensions are located on pages 22-25.
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  Page 26-27 Vehicle mass and mass distribution data is presented on pages 26-27.  
  Page 28-34 Definition of dimensions on pages 28-34.  

 Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Brochures
  The MVM Brochures supplement the MVM Specification Documents.  The Brochures provide data on European vehicles and Asian & Domestic sedans, pickups, SUV's and vans that are not available via the MVM Spec Documents.  The Brochure data often is not as extensive as that found in the MVM Spec Documents, however, the Brochures do provide basic dimensional and weight information.  
  The 2001 Chevrolet Suburban Brochure [425kB] is an example of an extensive brochure.
The 1996 Chevrolet Corsica Brochure [62kB] is an example of a less extensive document.
  The MVM Brochures are available via the Master Search & Directory Page in the NEI Vehicle Data Store.  The Description field indicates whether the file is a Spec Document or a Brochure.  

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